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Thanks to the convenience of our online file transfer system you can easily send a large size file from your computer to ours in a matter of seconds. Please complete the below form, click "Submit" and then "Browse" your computer for the file. It's that easy!

File Types Accepted: eps, Adobe AI, jpeg, bmp, gif, zip files



Please Include the File Name and any Special Instructions:

Suggestions to help get your image files ready for sign production:

  • Files are easiest to work with in a VECTORIZED file format rather than a RASTER file format. PC not MAC. We can look at RASTERIZED files as a picture, but we can't work with them.
  • Export or Save your file as a postscript level 2 .EPS (encapsulated postscript) or an Adobe Illustrator® .AI file. Please note most current software programs automatically save .EPS and .AI files as postscript level 2. The ones that seem to work best for us are Adobe's .AI files.
  • Convert all fonts to curves or paths to eliminate the need to send the fonts. Otherwise, you will need to include all fonts used in the creation of your graphic file. Any Files that will be cut, need to be sent in a VECTORIZED file, a file that is able to be ungrouped and manipulated. You have to be able to view it as a line drawing rather than an image.
  • When working with photographic images or any images that will be printed rather than cut, it is best to save them at 100% of actual size and at the best possible resolution. At least 300 DPI or preferably 600 DPI, otherwise that image comes out grainy & pixel. Usually an EPS or TIFF is best.

Remember, the better the artwork, the better your sign product.


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